Round 2 WW Coco

I did not flush before hand, ppms in are around 1000. Thats using measuring spoons, not weight.

Mix instructions i got with it.

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What should I use to ph the RO water with for the flush?

That’s not what I learned on amounts . Measure by weight
A- Jacks -3.6
Then Epsom salt 1.2
Last B- cal -nit -2.5
In that order


I haven’t used RO water . Does it have to be ph’d? I know distilled won’t affect ph

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My understanding RO and Distilled are roughly the same thing. I bought 9 gals of distilled water. To use for the flush now, I should have said distilled, not RO.

What I have read

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Whats the desired PPM to achieve on a flush? All the way to zero? Or is there a threshold thats a “good” zone?

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I usually get it around 300ppm. Ideally you want your runoff no higher than 300 ppm higher than your input according to coco for cannabis site


P.S. Distilled water or otherwise zero TDS or zero PPM doesn’t really have anything in it to give a accurate pH (potential hydrogen ions), and so it could read pretty acidic by just being exposed to the air for a few moments and absorbing CO2, thereby creating a very weak carbonic acid. The point that should be noted is distilled or otherwise nearly zero TDS water, if tested for pH, won’t really keep the pH you might read. It won’t have a significant impact on the pH of what you are adding the water to, nor keep the pH if you add nutrients to said zero ppm water, and so test your pH after adding your nutrients or adding to a body of water and then letting things stabilize.

Happy growing,



So I may be faulting myself for not giving the mixed solution enough time to adjust? I usually just mix and read it once its all mixed in, then to the plants. Ill give it 15 or 20 minutes from now on to settle and then read the ph? Thank you for that, that is something I did not know.

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Quick not on the light first, lower it? You said you had to adjust the stands lighting I don’t see the issue.

If your using RO or distilled then yes no need to PH, if your using tap water then PH (for flushing).

Going forward
#1 stop guessing with spoons, weigh it out, shortcuts cause issues.
#2 go get a pump to aid in your mixing

Stick it to the middle of a 5 gallon bucket and turn it on, stir the bucket with your stir stick avoiding the cord of course, pour in your first measured amount of nutrients while you have a good circular motion of the water going, walk away go do something else like tend your garden or whatever and come back to repeat after 10+ minutes. I often stir once more really good, this pump sucks the bits up from the bottom and chews them up helping them dissolve faster. Also room temperature water really helps.

#3 I don’t think you understand how full dry nutrients like Jack’s works, If you find your plants actually do need need more cal mag (they don’t currently) add more CALCIUM nitrate.
Jack’s fill strength is a good starting point and should work with most grows but some plants and environments are more demanding so if you need more nitrogen or calcium feed more calcium nitrate, if you need more magnesium feed more magnesium sulfate.
You can do this by feeding full strength and then just adding a bit of whatever you need and raise the ppm a bit but keeping track of the weight your adding so next feed you can add that amount rather then the standard Jack’s starting points.

The light is more of a centering issue, the light is centered, but the rack my plants are sitting on is father back than the middle, due to the floor vent. I built the rack to avoid this, but set it in the wrong way and didnt notice it.

To address your points:

  1. Ill be picking up a kitchen scale tomorrow and using it from hence forth.
  2. Picking this up as well.
  3. I was, and still am not, fully understanding of dry nutrients. But what you just said makes perfect sense. Dont use additives, just add more of what I need from my baseline. Right?

Thank you for taking the time to help me out. I appreciate it, greatly!

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You got it.
And the only addive you can add without things getting more complex is silica.
But you don’t need it, it will help but don’t sweat it get the basics down now if you don’t want to shell out more cash.
I’ve grown 10oz plants with no silica. No sweat

Your welcome

Ps thank you for your very direct and organized reply lol so many people don’t answer the questions I need to ask or confirm they understand then it becomes hard to continue to help when it seems as if they arnt reading lol

So I flushed all 3, and the solo cup. Got all of them to 5.8-9ph, and 250 - 350ppms, just minutes before lights out.

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Go get your scale in the Am and mix up a batch by hand and feed them in the am.

Until you get the pump (might be able to get a cheap one from a local hydro store if amazon’s gonna take days)
Mix, walk away, come back mix it again well, walk away.
Etc but give each part more than 5min and 3 stirs. Look at the bottom of the bucket see if you have leftover chunks on the bottom.
Ussualy magnesium sulfate takes the longest, calcium nitrate is the fastest to full dissolve

Im out of likes but youre welcome on the directness. Lol i just want to make sure i fully understand whats being said, i dont want to wreck my grow because i carelessly misunderstand something.

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Aww your golden, your paying alot of attention but you tend to do that on your grows for your first two years.

I leave mine for like 7 days or 14 days at a time now lol but im busy and I got her all dialed in for the most part.

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Almost 2 days later, they look great, I think lol. Thanks for the help guys! @kaptain3d @Nicky @Covertgrower @Watt-Sun @Dagao22


Im in need of a loupe, it seems trichs are starting to come in. Next trichome pics will be proper.

They look happy =) glad we got them sorted out.

Don’t get a loup they suck

Get a USB microscope off amazon. Then you can upload the pictures and we can tell you what we see so we can help train your eye.