Rosin Pressing, Whats Your Go To

How do you press Your Flower? What bag size, What Temps, also what press do you have id like to know everyones uses. I have a rosineer when using bags i use a 90 or 120 micron filter bag anywhere from 185 to 200°F

I use the big lipton tea bags (emptied obviously) and a Good quality hair straighter set at 190F lol


Very nice never thought of that

Some info here in thread from former forum staff member

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I found that I need at least 190F when pressing buds or Kief because the trichomes melt at about 180F.
Lower temperatures will produce a softer more flavorful rosin because it will have more of the terpenes left, whereas higher temps will give a harder rosing with less flavor as you can see with the small bubbles of terpenes that appear in the rosin as it comes out of the bag. This is more noticeable when pressing Kief.
I have found that 160 micron bags are stronger than 90 micron bags, but harder to work with. For Kief I use 25 to 45 micron bags, with the 45 micron being a stronger bag.
I found that the most important thing when pressing buds is that they MUST be completely dry or else the rosin will be thin and watery, like thin honey. That trapped moisture will help change the sticky rosin into a wax if I leave it out in room air for a few days.
The bag side depends upon the size of the plates on the press. I have 3" x 3" plates, so I use bags no larger than 2.5" wide and fold then to a 2.5" length after filling. For larger plates, you can use large bags. Larger plates will have less pressure per square inch than smaller plates. It will be the pressing pressure divided by surface area of the plates.
I have a 20 ton press and typically use about 10 tons or more when pressing buds and apply the pressure immediately. But for Kief, I apply a very gentle warm-up pressure for about 30 seconds before I start to increase the pressure to 2-5 tons slowly so as to not pop the bag I am presing.
To get the real temperature of my pressing plates, I drilled a small hole in each plate and inserted oven thermometers. I found that my temperature controller was not accurate, since it is the type that uses the heater as the temperature sensor.
Experience will be your best teacher, so press gently so you don’t loose rosing when the bags pop open.