Root and veg nutrient for seedlings and young ladies?

I’m looking for something to help boost root production and growth, particularly for seedlings, cuttings and very young plants. I currently use myco infused water and 1/4 strength FoxFarm Root Drench. I’ve read about some people raving about Nirozime, House and Garden’s Roots Excelurator Gold, Recharge by Real Growers and another product called Mamoth P. I’m just curious what y’all are using to get the fastest early growth - especially for autoflowers from seed? Since they are on a specific time schedule, maximizing growth from the moment they break ground is so important.

The Roots Excelurator Gold and the MamothP are pretty pricey and the MamothP looks to me more for flowering than early growth. So, before I buy either is like to know it’s actually worth it.

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I use Rapid Rooter peat pods from GH and Rapid Start solution. The peat pods are infused with something that really helps the plants get started good. Before I started using this, I was having half the autos I was growing end up being stunted @DTOM420

I use the house and gardens. I went out on a limb when I bought it and I produces explosive growth. I recently pulled a 42 day old male out of its pot and it was just about rootbound. I only use 1ml per gallon for the first four weeks of veg, and once more when I flip lights. A bottle goes a long way. If you are using hydro, go with the silver (it won’t gunk nothing up.) But coco and soil, go with the gold.

The pot to the left is the one I pulled. And it was basically full of roots. Like full enough that pot is no longer going to be used because the root growth is so explosive.