Rh when lights are off

Just wondering what rh is ok when the lights are off?my plants are in veg , I’ve been getting 75 but only have lights off for 3 hours and I’m a bit worried about when it comes time to flip and have them off for 12 hours … also can I go back to 21/3 after I flip again t does it have to stay 12/12 ? Thank you :pray:

If they are photos you will need to stay around 12 / 12 to keep them in flower. The will revert to vegetation if you switch the lights to more than 14 hours.

The higher humidity is ok during veg and early flower. You will want to try to control in lower once the plants are heavy with buds to avoid bud rot. Increasing ventilation or a dehumidifier are ways to bring it down.


Thanks so much ! Good to know !! Appreciate your help :blush:

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