Restricted! I wanna talk

posted but reached limits as new user… really bummed
I’ll be on it tomorrow. Thanks everyone


I’m even being limited to how many likes I can give in a day… never used to be that way (well, maybe not in the very beginning when I first joined)…


Limited to 50 likes. Create one super thread. Ask and answer all questions in single thread .


I give likes out but never have run out
I guess I’m stingy with my :heart:

I did like your comment about not having more likes though

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Yeah it is hard when you get to talking to people about your grow asking and answering questions and it says that you hit you limit for the day so you have to wait and hope the person who is talking to you doesn’t think you just stopped talking to them in the middle of a conversation. I have started to count how many reply I am putting on each thread so I know before I hit my limit to let people know.


i try to keep my likes for bud pics and answers to my questions.


I liked that


Read posts and articles, give likes to the things you do and the software engine will increase your trust level to allow posting. This is to prevent spam.


Try this. Read the entire thread (then all new posts after initial reading) and reply only once, even if it’s to multiple people. Use the quote tags to separate ideas. Observe…

I always forget to like stuff, is that rude?

This is solid advice and sound reasoning

Roflmao i like to save my likes for comments about liking posts

In this way I have replied to 4 peoples posts, but only used 1 of my daily reply limit
Hope that helps you extend your presence on the boards. Nothing wrong with heavy interaction.

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