Regular seed's

Any chance of ILGM selling regular seed’s in the Purple-haze, Burberry and Roberts Special.
This fem/auto flower phase is slowing down, which is good as you just can’t play around with phenotype s. And the fun is all in the creating.

Not to leave you haning, but I thought we had regulars of everything. I could be wrong. I, too prefer regular seeds; We have a great selection. Perhaps you can find a strain that you like from what is offered. Peace

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I’m ether too high too get how too post on this site, or they’re abit high thinkin this site is user friendly. So I have too ask how to germinate the micro mini seeds I was shipped. Buy 10 get 20 free turned out too be 12 horribly small, 12 sad. And 6, if Gods willing, seeds. This # and quality is a pattern because I have now received 2 of the same buy10, get 20 seed orders and the number of each quality of seeds has been identical. I’m not trying too bad mouth them I write this as it is the truth. So I have 24 horribly small seeds even if I get them to Germ. is their even a chance they will live. I feel these seeds my do my parrot more good then their going too do me. I think my effort too get them too maturity is a waste of my time and effort