Regs or Autoflowers?

I have a reg Amnesia that started to flower at week 4 in a tent with 16 hrs of light? These girls are right next to 2 other reg strains that did not flower. All look great with no signs of stress, Thanks to Coast of Maine. Did they, (unnamed Canadian seed bank) send me Auto seeds?

It’s all good. Now I have a staggered harvest.

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If they’re flowering under 16hrs of light, the seed had some ruderalis genes in it. Is it actual flower or just pre flower?

I am pretty sure they are in flower for about 3 weeks.

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Yep, definitely flowering. Must be an auto.

OK thanks. Never grown one before. I’m on a 12/12 because I have other regs in flower in the same tent. Will the 12/12 cycle hurt the autos?

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Not at all.