Received my seeds 6/27/18 placed them in water

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

received my seeds 6/27/18 placed them in water that evening and by the next night they dropped to bottom , by 6/29 put into peat moss pellet"s and covered the jiffy container as and it became a mini-greenhouse . today is 7/6/18 nothing yet … any help ?

Whao,slow down. Did the seeds sprout a little white tail before they went to soil? If no, you’ll need to wait awhile before they’ll surface. But they will. Read, read,read the germination guide on this site. I have removed seeds from soil to germinate properly but it could be a stressful experience for the sprout if its started to sprout. I’ve found everything you need to learn is on this forum or in the guides. Everyone new to this growing thing needs to read everything on the site until you read things and say crap I knew that!

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Look at ‘germination’ topics. I had issues with my recent batch of seeds as well. (They’ll replace).

Make sure you have proper temp, not too much water, don’t bury seed to deep, things like that.

I had great success placing the domed seed-starter pellet on the cable box.

IMHO, I would drain any water from the tray, and set those on the cable box, top of fridge or someplace warm but not hot. They still might pop, but if you have more left from your order, them replacing any failed seeds makes giving it another go easier.

I use the wet paper towel method. Watching the growth or lack of is easier. When tap root is 1/4" but not more than 1/2", I move them into media. If root is curling…I move asap. Root is trying to find an anchor spot and then the head pops up. Dun bury deep. I make sure the head is just peeking out.

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