Really Strong GG Autoflowers?

So we have 2 grows under our belts now and the second set was much better than the first. Got 5 ounces off of 1 plant I was doing low stress training (LST) on.

Both grows had fluffy / airy buds but they both smoke fine (I think it may be my lights causing the fluffy buds but IDK).

Both grows were gorilla glue autos but for some reason our second crop is strong as hell. The first crop is really good too but second crop will knock you for a loop for sure!!

And that is comparing to good quality professionally grown weed like blue dream, nine pound hammer, birthday cake, etc…

Is this normal for autoflowers? Or did I screw something up (or the complete opposite).


Sounds like you did everything right! Enjoy it, don’t jinx it haha


Great work brother

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A photo from when we were trimming it up to go into the jars.


May I ask which light ur using I just upgraded from a blurple to a Mrs hydro ts 600

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@Dclark I am using 2 Bloom Plus LED Grow Lights model BP1500 in a 4’x4’ tent.

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Is it a purpley colour like my old one? She did me a good turn

@Dclark , no they are not purple. They are a natural color.

Aha nope not same as my old one that looks a reasonable light