RE: first grow in years

Hello y’all, hopefully I will get my first grow in years figured out , I greatly appreciate everyone’s advice, I did decide to use grow bags for cold weather protection. I have a little grow experience ( not much ) with autos , my plants are week old seedlings being acclimated to full outdoors ( in grow bags ). my soil is roots organic mixed with a local compost with no pre mixed fertilizers. Any auto advice / tips will still be greatly appreciated! As I understand weed (setiva / indcia) is typically a warm weather plant , however with the autos with the more cold weather genetics , well, I 'm curious as to find out if after they have been crossed with THC loving cousins ; do they still retain some of the cold weather survival attributes? Any comments ? advises welcome .


You must certainly live someplace other than where I do. My average first frost is about one month from now. Below 60 for a day is one thing but freezing is another.

Hello. on a scale of 1-10 I’m a 1 in gardening, and a 1.5 in indoor canna gardening, I’m certainly going to have to monitor forecast temps & be proactive on plant placement, I have a 400 watt HPS I can use as a supplement when needed, this is going to be a good learning experience both on the auto’s as well as fall gardening in general ( mainly temp issues ). A close eye on cool temps looks as if that’s going to be one of the top priorities .

Good luck. See how it goes.