RDWC. First Grow. How do they look?

Hows it going? This is my first grow and I just wanted to get some opinions on how they seem to be going. Im in my 4th week of pistils showing, 5 weeks from switch. I’m growing 2 strains(GSC & Strawberry Cough) and using GH nutrients. Ive been using the lucas formula with Armour si. I started adding liquid KoolBloom at 12/12 switch. Any suggestions or comments I’d love to hear.


Welcome to the community. The girls look great.

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Thank you, that’s good to hear.


I’m with Yohay: plants look great. You’re doing a nice job.

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Can’t ask for much better than that!

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Very nice.

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Excellent work!

Very nice!

very good, full marks… congrats… and welcome…:smile: