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I recently found out that my entire system is wrong as putting 2 males in your room. I way over thought it and complicated the hell out of it and created problem after problem. Only a couple weeks left on them so is what it is for now. So before I redo it, what do you guys think of this design? Yes a grown man not a child drew that.

1 plant per cooler in scrog/sog style
2 12 gallon coolers
1 20 gallon cooler reservoir
50-80 on 80 gph pump
air pump and stones
1/4 hp chiller

Ill put T’s and valves in once its in place for easy draining

Only thing I would change is the way the chiller is plumbed in. I would plumb in directly into the plants supply of water.
@Myfriendis410 what way did you run your chiller?

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Just as you described although I’ve seen others use it as a heat exchanger with a stainless steel coil immersed in the nutrient solution. Do not use copper and plastic generally doesn’t conduct heat well.


The pipe for recirculating has to be level for water to circulate to res and pump in res pumps it back to other end of plant .

You can actually use the water pump into chiller pulling from res and have it discharge into far end of plant tote. That will give you a good water flow from one tote to the next and cause a nice undercurrent through the return that connects both totes in the middle.

Did I make sense ?


What are these 12 gallon coolers you mention ?

Thanks everyone.
I have a couple already but here are ones just like them. They are the cheap ones so they have less insulation than more expensive ones but they have more than an HDX tote. I got mine at Academy Sports but Walmart has them to. 20 bucks a piece tax and all


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Exactly what I do.


Well here is my set up

Just starting week 2 of 12/12.

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Anither question for you guys. How do you keep the roots from going in your return line?

I have a filter that connects to my 3/4” outlet and then a SS screen in front of that. I usually just check it every so often to make sure no roots have gotten by.

Like this

Might also want to try like a tying a fish net around the connected outlet filter.
Hope this helps!
Good luck! :+1:t2::sunglasses:

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