Rate my grow room

I’ve got my grow room set up about how I want it. I’m only 7 weeks into my first grow, so there is definitely still much to learn. Any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated.

10,000 BTU AC (I moved it outside the tent for more space). Buckets contain water, nutrients, CO2 generator, and banana tea.

8x4 tent (bigger than I need but the price was right)

Cloning and germination station (rhyming is fun)

I will soon replace the current main lights with 2x HLG Diablos. My plan is to partition the tent into two 4x4’s with independent lighting but shared ventilation via a booster fan through the partition. The flower tent will get cold dry air, then the veg tent gets the warmer wetter leftovers.

Please let me know y’alls thoughts :v:


Looks like you’ve got it right to me. How does your humidity run? Mine always runs high, but I keep a lot of air moving, and haven’t had any issues so far.

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I give your grow room a 9.9. Took off a tenth of a point for showing off. :laughing:


@Dexterado I’ve managed to keep my RH at around 50%. My humidity has been consistently low until my first plant hit mid-veg and got real thirsty. Don’t think I’ll need my humidifier again anytime soon

@JayDawg Thanks, I’ll take it!