Quick question to ask

How can i control the ph up and down at home? I know that if i use bicarbonate of soda, i can rise the ph, and if i use the vinegar the ph is gowing down. I know that i can find that liquids for ph up and down, but they are too expensive for me…if i will use the vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, it can affect my plants? Someone had tried that thing?

I’ve seen people say they use vinegar. Not sure about bicarbonate. You can use search feature to find threads about topic. Just type in what you’re looking for

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Sodium bicarbonate will build up in soil and cause issues. PH up and down are pretty cheap.

If you have to use something from home; lemon juice for Down and Potassium bicarbonate supposedly works without the issues with baking soda.

Ok, thank you