Questions regarding pots

Questions from a fellow grower:

I haven’t seen anything on the size of the plant planters, I really don’t know what size the plants should get to support a smaller area for the root ball to handle a healthy plant. I was also wondering if I could have a couple of plants in soil, in say 5 gallon planters to grow me some mother plants along side of my hydro- pots. I received my order the other day from you , the 50 new seeds and have never used a seedling-cloning kit set up (new purchase), so I am still amassing information, so I will not mess up my seeds. I still like about 6 hours of works in finishing my New Grow room size 7ft by 12 ft. I have to grow 2 crops, to correct the mistake of having such small growing pots. I ordered the 1 gallon size not knowing that they would only allow me to grow small plants. I plan on replacing the small 1 gallon size pots to a larger 3 gal size or larger. Robert if you can determine anything I have discussed here and can offer any tips I would be grateful. thanks again for all your help (and the great seeds you sell)

1st. You can grow soil plants for MOM’s in the same room as hydro pots. However; MOM’s must be kept under 18/6 or longer photo period, so once you flower your hydro pots, you would have to move the MOM’s.

In soil. I place my seedlings in a 1 gallon pot for 4-6 weeks. I re-pot into 3-5 gallon pots, and flower a week or 2 later. This allows me nice full plants. A lot of the pot size id proportionate to the size grow space you have. :slight_smile: