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yoshi, I have a question on scrogging. When I look at the info on different seeds I see a number for possible yield, say 500 grams/11 square feet. 11 square feet is equal to an area of 3.32’ X 3.32’ (1 square meter approximately). I grow at the present time in an area that has good lighting and deep penetration on an area of 3’ X 6’. This is under 2 300 watt LED grow lights that do a good job and produced a great yield during the last grow of 12 plants. My question is would my yield be greater if I cut back to 3 plants in a SCRog grow and train them to fill up this area or continue with 12 plants and SCRog them? I have no idea as to which would be best. I hope you have some suggestions. Thanks for any help you may be able to give me. Keep up the good work and keep it green.

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Just getting one started , but I plan on scrogging this little beauty . I’m still debating on hydro - Soil ? But in the next 2 weeks I’ll have to make a decision fast .

What’s up yoshi goin to give a try also wanted to use 6 plants 2 og 2 ww 2 ak47 got 1 plant from some bagseeds don’t know sex yet 2 in same pot might use if females going to pickup pvc this week to make net

Iceberg , my brother Hillcrest is your guy on scrogging . I’ve never scrogged yet , I just learned what MacG & Latewood taught me on medium , nutrients , and ppm and growed some killer bud my last 2 grows , but I’ve never scrogged or even did hydro yet . I’m debating now , I’m doing homework on my general hydroponic water farm bucket right now , and it seems that I’m gone had to add at least a half gallon of water every 2-3 days , and I’m having some white traces of salt I’m thinking that’s probably in the water , but I just been letting the bucket run with the drip feed and that’s it , I turned the 4 inch rock stone for oxygen in the water since I wasn’t ready yet . But for as measurements and ritmatic , dude I’m so lost , I can’t even tell you how to put that in a mathematics problem to solve , seriously !!! But I’m mimicking Hillcrest grow , just in my own way it’s a screen I built out of pvc pipe and nylon rope that I invisioned . My little seedling just popped above the surface . I’m still debating on spending another $382 for advance additives for the grand master level , or cut budget and try humbolt golden tree with advance base nutrients , ILGM boosters nutrients , or fox farm , or general hydroponic nutrients . Many questions unanswered and I have only 2 weeks before transplant for the process to begin , still don’t know .

ok yoshi i have been following his grow process like a bible getting all supplies together pvc pipes etc going to try my luck at scrogging will keep you posted and will reach out to hillcrest

I think this is his third scrog , but by no means I was derailing you , I just have not done a scrog yet , actually I’m in the process right now . I bought 1 1/2 pvc pipe , measure inside of your tent , cut it at least 5/8 short to fit it in , and cut the height , I used all inch and half , with connecting elbows , made screw holes on top 2 inches apart , and created my scrog . I’ll post a picture for you .

Uploading… Can you get an decent idea on what I done from photo ?

No worries yoshi I seek advice from all you guy’s I know everyone here is willing to help I’m in the same boat picking up my materials fri was thinking of doin 4" seems to be the standard from all the videos I see Hillcrest has his at 2" also my smart pots are 5 gallon 10" high trying to think of something to put under pots raising them up couple inches for runoff and make using wetvac easier so I’m thinking of setting height of net 17 20" high there’s a video on the tube guy made for 25.00 looks really good

Iceburg here it is buddy , first time trying hydro , and hopefully all my homework will pay off . My little seeding is holding strong in my own version mix of soil mediums , but after 4-5 node I’m going to transplant it to the top drip feed hydro bucket with 400 ppm with barely 1/4 of steroids , this way the plant won’t stress so hard doing transplanting , even after super-thrive , B-52 , and ah lil voo-doo juice to help the roots . I read on that Great White just have not purchased any yet , but just here recently I was introduced to some buds grown with Open Seaseme , Bestis Bloomz , Cha-Ching and I was very impress with the smell , color and oh yes the taste and the high , simply amazing , but man it was very loud , just 2 grams was extremely loud , so that’s on my radar maybe Cha - Ching and Open Seaseme might be all what I need , but I’ll think on a title and start this in my own thread.

Looking good there brother she popped up pretty quick still waiting on my WHT widow dropped them in soil sun or Monday nothing yet hoping I didn’t get a bad batch of seeds… like that net also

Ok Yoshi just finished my net cost 23.00 homedepot 44"×44"×20" what do think


Man I’m stoked , excited and anxious to see how it goes for your grow . I’m about to update a thread on my hydro run , and excited to see yours and many other members that’s making little changes to increase from they growing abilities .

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@yoshi starting my first grow in a tent 36"x36"x72. as being on a tight budget I only planned on using 1 MarsHydro 300W LED. I planned on popping 5 Gold Leaf, but I’m not too confident in the yield that’s going to be produced with such small lighting and space. Can you give me some pointers on how to better my yield with this 1 300w set up?

I wouldn’t suggest 5 plants under one 300, I think 2 would be better as to your first grow but more lights more plants more buds is not really a fact, you can scrog two plants and get almost the same bud production with two plants verses growing 5. But adding another 300 won’t hurt it would give you better coverage for sure.

As for topping to get best growth and yield, full coverage of scrog, how do you usually go about? I hear its best to start topping after 2nd node but then from there?

Not the the second node most mentors will tell you the 5-6 node , but to do a scrog properly have you look into some YouTube videos maybe to get a more visual understanding , I’m no expert and somethings I suggest many will say don’t do so I’ll hate to tell you wrong my friend but it’s a few guys on here running scroggs now I can tag you in so you can see they threads and maybe you can gather the technique , but @Donaldj might can help you , are @Majiktoker , @Savingpvtviper , @Brian091180 and @hillcrest21678 and @Matthew420 all doing scroggs . To be honest I be experimenting trying different things on my own but after you top the plant and it recovers and start growing the new nodes out maybe about a few inches are so you can probably start your screen getting it in place about 2 inches above the plant and let it grow up into the screen and as it grows threw the screen barely you start pulling back the the flowers under the screen , now some even pull it back and tie it off to the scrog string but that’s not a must do to tie it , you can just keep pulling it under and tucking it as it grow up threw the scrog until it fill the screen to your liking and once you get it full completely you flip your timer and start the flowering . Some fill they whole screen and some allows a space for the stretch and doing the stretch they continue to tuck the vertical growth under the screen to fill it out that way but this might not be adequate information so maybe them guys I tagged might chime in and can kind of guide you through , like I said I hate to tell someone anything and it’s not appropriate to what the mentors are the more season growers way of doing things , I learn by trial and error experimenting mainly and I keep a written journal for notes so I can revert back to so I’ll know what I’ve done previous and what not to do again , hope you get it figured out and one of them guys give you a better understanding on the technique Sir happy growing !


@yoshi, very adequate information. i greatly appreciate it. for the most part, i’ve got the scrogging process down. letting them veg for roughly 6-7 weeks, depending on how the canopy looks. gonna let them veg. more into screen and switch 12/12 and let it ride out. just stumped on how many times to top for best results. i hear the more toppings equal more, smaller buds, less toppings equal less bigger buds

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