Questions about timing a flush for harvest

Hi there, first year growing and I am getting closer to my first harvest so I had some questions about timing for finishing fertilizers. So currently I’m feeding twice a week of nature’s pride bloom dry fertilizer. I’ve been told that the plants feeding is about a week behind (so if I feed it today the plant would be using those nutrients about a week from now). Is that a good rule of thumb? If so then do I want to stop feeding them a week before I want to flush? And with a flush I want to do that two weeks before harvest? How do you know when you are two weeks out? Are you just making an estimated guess based on hair color and trichromes? My first plant began flower at beginning of August so I should be looking around beginning of October for initial harvest yes? The plants are obama kush and sunset sherbet, thanks everyone.

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patience grasshopper you still have plenty of time to go .Consider starting your flush when the majority of the pistils are shrivelled and brown. A flush of plain ph balanced water over a 2 week period is usually more than sufficient to rid the substrate of excess nutrients.