Questions about breeding

I have to question wondering if anyone has answers or insight on them.
Firstly if you breed two of the same cannabis seeds do you get the same seed as before or is it a need strain?
Secondly, can you breed an auto and photo together?

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Yes, but you will get auto seeds with weakened ruderalis genes.


Thank you very much

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@Wee711 I did that with a feminized photo Cement Shoes and a couple of clone off of it because it was my last Cement Shoes seed to grow. I already had some Colloidal Silver so I used it to reverse a clone and then pollinated one bud from the mother. I even have some pollen saved up!

Iā€™m going to start soaking a couple of those seeds tonight. My mad scientist brain is extremely interested in what the plants will be like.

Each of the seeds were $8.50 when I bought them in a pack of 5 so I reason since I had the colloidal silver already and the clone was free these are my practically free seeds. I was growing other strains as well. Super excited to see how they do.

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