Question for GHE Hydroponic growers Flora Series


There are instructions on the back of each bottle, recommending dosage for a said quantity of water. The question is if i follow that dosage shouldn’t my PPM/ EC also read the same as given?

Using RO water. MY EC reads less than half.


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You should fees them the ppm recommended for each stage

I used GH floratrio but I don’t had ppm test
Went I feed my plants I used the doze they recomended and work fine went I add more my plants started showing sing of nute burn

I just said go little by little and see how they react

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What they are giving you is the ratio to each other. Then when mixed add water to get the recommended or desired ppm. ( net ppm not total which is ppm mixed - the ppm of water before anything is added)

Im sorry if i sound dull but, for example if at the flowering stage the recommended doses are Flora Gro 0.8ml/L , Flora Micro 1.6ml/L, Flora Bloom 2.4ml/L and i have a 9 Liter bucket, it means everything multiplied by 9, yes? Okay

Now the EC range given is 1.4-2.2 for flowering.

Using R.O water and the above dosages i only get an EC of about 0.8. What i’m understanding is, ill have to add more in the same ratio to hit the flowering EC range? Correct?

I was under the suspicion my nutrients had been watered down. Thankyou so much!