Question about Trichome development W/ Pics

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Do Trichomes turn clear AFTER the white/opaque stage right before they start turning amber? Or do they go straight from white to amber.

Can anyone shed some light on their experience with the different stages of development when it comes to trichome development?

Ive noticed some irregularities in some of my past harvests when it comes to trichome development.

The pics below is from a QP i harvested and the bud doesnt get you high.

This is under developed I assume? Judging by the clear heads?

Also, what the hell can one do with a QP of good looking bud thats not fully matured? Any options?


Thanks for the question.

Tricombs go from clear, to cloudy/hazy /white, to Amber.

Buy bubble bags off amazon and make bubble hash!!!
Or if you like edibles then make coconut oil (use lectin)


The plants trichomes mature at different rates throughout the plant


Clear cloudy amber the qp could come around as it cures, to much handling of your buds can wreck the trichomes not saying you did just putting it out there. I can’t be for sure with the pics but most of the cloudy trichomes look to be on the leaves and you probably trimmed those off you can’t judge by the leaves.


I agree with others. Clear>cloudy>amber


Agreed and by the pics, they look mostly clear. Only look at trichomes on the buds and not the sugar leaves. You can try to make a concentrate, you’ll get something but the volume won’t be as good.

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Is the bubble hash even worth it with clear trichomes?

This was seriouslly under developed all around. But yes that is true.

It was last harvest. Months and months old. Idk about it bouncing back. The picture was taken yesterday. No worries. Thank you for the feedback

Question for everyone. Have you ever seen clear trichomes with amber heads? The stalk would appear clear and the bulb like head will be amber, anyone? Looking for pics now. And if so what does that mean?

Focus on the Amber in that situation. Yes it’s common

@Caligurl this is the thread I was talking about with the quarter pound of clear trichomes. Pictures for you to see. @Arrow also.

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Yes, I remember this. I commented above that they were still mostly clear but the few amber that I see look to be on the sugar leaves (which you cannot go by). Progression is: Clear, Cloudy, Amber. So you kind of have to use your own judgement on how many trichomes look to be to your liking. But my Sour D had a LOT of the trichomes went straight to amber from clear and it was killer stuff. So either you just harvested way too early or maybe you got a cbd plant instead?


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Agreed with the above :point_up_2::sunglasses::v:

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