Question about trich development

it know it varies depending on quite a few things but if you could put a number on it, how long or quick do the trichs go from the clear state on through to the milky and amber state that a lot of ppl like to harvest at? thought i had some changing the other day but then realized i was just looking at sugar leaves, buds all still clear trichs but look frosty like no other

What week of flower is ur plant in

The trichomes normally start to change from clear to milky and then cloudy in week 8-9of flowering week ten they should be more cloudy goin in to amber

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ok im super close then- time to start pulling out the loupe daily…im at 8 1/2 weeks of flower

Is ur plant auto or photoperiod plant

gg auto…btw hows your dry/cure going

If its a auto they go up to 11weeks some strains and if its a photoperiod plant they go up to 13 weeks

Here i am thinking I’m almost done approaching week 9 lol. How long did your autoflower WW take ?

Yah man it has cured nicely its a strong smoke

This is some of the buds

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hell yea bro looks nice, congrats

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Thanks ive just planted two seeds both autos one is girl scout cookies and the other one is critical purple ,heres another pic

awesome, im gonna order some different strains soon

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Ive ordered more white widow auto and moby dick auto and blue widow fem and i have blackberry gum auto and zkittlez auto cbd lemon auto and some others aswell

Trichomes can change from clear to cloudy and then to amber in a matter of a few days or they can take their damn sweet time. Every plant is different and every environment is different. I had plants this year that went 10 weeks flowering and didn’t show amber at all until the very end and some that started showing amber at 8 weeks that still went 10+

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