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got reply from not2sureyet about needing to water more i went from 2 cups to 1 quart a day my ques is im growing in coco perite mix with jacks 123 how much water should i be using and can i delute it or straight jacks he said about 2 cups runoff but not sure how much water i need to use, also when i reply to someones answer does it stay in my post if i want more feedbak should i repost new for more answers if i have more ques. frist time i have ever done a forum before so would like to know what im doing thanksto all

Use the reply function rather than creating a new post each time.

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The rule of thumb when watering is 10% runoff from the amount that you’ve put in. So if you have a 1 gallon bucket and you’re placing an 1/8(.125) gallon worth of water through then .0125 should come from the bottom of the pot before you have significantly watered them.
Also, remember to pH your water first and also check the runoff to see what pH you have. You can tell a lot about your plants and how they’re acting by the pH runoff.

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This is the reply button. Another way is if you know the person’s name, use the @ followed by name.


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ok ill use the arrow pic to respond back would like more in put on watering with jacks 321 as far as deluting, computors are not my forte im 67 yrs old still trying to figure out my smart phone jus got it last year had flip phone before hell i still remember useing a sliderule in school so thanks for being patience can always use help


Flip phone! Very cool.


I didn’t get my first cell phone till July 2006. I couldn’t afford one till then. I’ve been with the same phone carrier the whole time.

You don’t water down Jacks 321. Its the same
strength the whole time. From start to finish.

didnt think it was a good idea ill use full streanth and just buy more, i miss my flip phone but 1 good thing about dummy phones are they can sure show who is full of shit at the local bar

Jack’s is run full strength: in distilled or R/O water the 3-2-1 formula puts you at around 900 ppm.

Watering to runoff is different for every grower and changes over time as plant grows. Coco needs to remain damp, unlike soil. But you will have to determine for yourself how much water produces meaningful runoff.

And yes; we prefer confining to one thread rather than opening multiples which clogs up the main feed. This makes it harder for others to get visibility with their issues.

yea got a lot of feedbak about ful strengh jacks, i went from 2 cups to 1 qt of watering and im starting to get this forum stuff never claimed to be goodatit ,here are a coulple of pics from my indoor plant at 5 wks old i think it looks pretty good so far not yet flowering yet but hope to soon also some pics of an outdoor plant dont know what itis a buddy gave me a seed he had in some real goodpot he said it was a photo something i think its just a female plant it about 7-8 weeks old just hope it stays warm enough in ohio to gut to harvest thanks for your reply

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