Question about lights for flowering

Would switching to multiple of these far red lights for flowering be better than a samsung diode type of light? Because of the Emerson effect theory?

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Samsung diodes are top shelf, why wouldn’t you want your grow to have a top shelf light.

As for the light, someone can answer that more technical.

Well, I thought that was the case. But, I had heard about this emerson effect thing which deals with switching to far red lights for flowering. But, I am sure that is an outdated technique.

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Ask @dbrn32 about this for a really good answer.

In the mean time, what light are you using that has samsung (assuming you mean lm301B/H) diodes but not red.
Mars hydro fc series has em

Hlg rspecs have em.

Spider Farmer has em.

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In short, no. You won’t have successful grow with just far red light.

I think i mentioned in one of the many other topics you started asking about lights, but there is no way to grow a bunch of good weed with poor light intensity. You can get good light intensity without buying an expensive fixture, it just takes a bunch of small lights.


Emerson effect has nothing to do with switching to red light for flowering. Emerson effect explains that when wavelengths of far red are added to red there is higher quantum yield of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis happens in all stages of plant life, not just flowering. Some grow with more red light in flowering than in veg, but not straight red or far red. These are two entirely different conversations.


Ah, yes. That would make sense. Sounded like more of a scientific term and it was. Thanks!