Question about germinating seeds when transplanting in lava rock

I have been growing in lava rock for the past 25+yrs and always used clones. Finally ordered some seeds and would like to know if anyone has any suggestions on once germinated, a good procedure on what to put them in to prepare them to go in to the lava rock. Clones i have used before have been cloned in coco but its always a pain to slowly clean the coco off the roots to transplant in lava rock without damaging the roots and shocking the plant. I was planning on germinating then putting them in root riot cubes but not sure if its a good idea to put the root riot cube in the lava rock once ready to transplant. I guess I grow old school, ebb and flow and lava rock because I never see anyone growing in lava rock anymore. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

What is lava rock?

@anon78295680 its the red rock that people use for landscaping

Rapid rooter seems like easy answer. I germ using paper towel method, place in rooter, then tear a little piece off to cover seed.

@dbrn32 so it would be ok to transplant the rapid router right in to the lava rock when ready?

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For sure! Just wait til you see roots trying to pop out of them.

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cool, thnx @dbrn32 my 1st run with seeds so hoping all goes well. Anxious to get them going!!

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