Question about D8 THC

From a fellow grower: I’ve a question about a new product Of
D8 THC bs delta 9.
The Dea looks at the Delta 9 when it comes to how much THC is my n our hemp.

Is there a seed or cultivar that has more delta 8 THC in it that can be breed to keep the 8 but breed out the 9.

Grandy Purple and Strawberry cough we have on order in this form. We have dea certs on top of third party testing. But as a grower can I breed for that Specific THC cannabinoid?


I don’t think so? But let’s tag a few others for some opinions.
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I would say you could but it would be very costly and take a while. You would need lab reports for each plant and when you grow out the F1’s each plant would need to be lab’d and selections made then again through F2 and again and again. Selection would be critical as well. There could be in theory 1000’s of lab tests. So $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


This is the molecule detected by LE in drug tests. There are a number of breeders actually trying to remove Delta 9 from the plant to make detection harder.


As a breeder I think you could selectively target whatever characteristics you would like. Research and funding will probably determine how successful you are.