Question about controllers and humidifiers

I’ve got a new 5x5 which feels so much bigger than my old 4x4. I never would’ve imagined. It gives me so much more room and it’s easier to keep clean and organized.
Anyway, I have it in the basement where the RH and Temp are consistently within 4 or 5 points either way year round, but it’s difficult to get the RH
much above 60% during early veg. I have 680w LED and with the lights dialed down it’s hard to generate much heat without turning the inline fan way down.

  1. Does anyone have a suggestion for a tent humidifier that can get the RO numbers up?
  2. Should it have a mist feature and why?

Does anyone have any experience with the AutoPilot PX2 controller?

Thanks in advance!


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I don’t use this one but @ReelOfishalTrees turned me on to it and I’ll be getting one for my next fresh grow, I think. Right now I’ve acclimated to having subpar conditions.
Top Fill Cool Mist Humidifier

In my opinion cool mist is a must. Normal humidifiers generate humidity via heat - aka steam. It sounds like just one more element to regulating tent temps that doesn’t need to be introduced if it can be avoided by buying a cool mist humidifier instead.


Cool, good stuff and thanks!


That Humidifier is great, especially for the cost. I picked that one up because you can set the RH% digitally and it’s pretty darn accurate. Also holds quite a bit of water. In my 4x4 I get around 3 to 4 days setting it at 80%RH. In my 8x4 I had to fill it once a day.


I don’t worry about RH levels or do anything to control it, my constantly moist coco and mesh grow bags keep the tents in a fine range (50-60RH) and I wouldn’t want it any higher anyway.