Quantum board wiring

hello I need some info on wiring quantum boards, I have a HLG 320H C1750A driver and
2 QB288 R spec boards, they come from a HLG 320 watt light, the light had 3 boards
but I only have 2. can i use this and how should I wire this driver for 2 boards?
have seen post saying quantum board drivers produce a lot of heat, can i have the driver
outside my grow area and if so how far away from the light. thanks for any help.

My 2 Meanwell drivers are on the outside of my tent.

I have some trouble with heat in the summer so I would like to have the driver about
10 or 12 feet from the light to reduce heat in the room. how far is your driver from the light
and are the drivers very hot?

You can get 14 to 16 gauge solid core wire. It works great with the Meanwell drivers. You can take a fan and blow onto the drivers to help cool them down.

thanks for the tip, is your driver far from the light

Maybe 3 feet from the lights.