Pushing the boundaries ( expanding/3rd grow )

@Low @Caligurl @Fieldofdreams thanks y’all . Yeah I thought so but just wanted to get second opinion because I never seen it like that before .

I also kinda jumped the gun because when I got to the second and third they was great . But I was tired and in allot of pain last couple days . So much that I had to take mushrooms and even if I didn’t fill the cannatrol I just couldn’t handle doing the last one . Just was getting to difficult :joy:

And yes @Caligurl those roots was definitely hydrophobic for sure! I was hoping to have them done awhile ago but they was stubborn on wanting to turn amber :joy: .

Anyway I got 3 done and cannatrol is full so that’s good because I thought I would fit all 4 in there . So that means I got more than expected . :+1:.

But hey thanks y’all for the help . :cowboy_hat_face:. Here’s what I cut so far

Will do the last one next week .

But this just opened my eyes to how freaking bad it’s going to suck come harvest time . If it takes all night to trick 3 little autos then 26 more is going to be a real S.O.B!!! :joy: No way around it , I’m gonna have to get another trick bin , scissors , and body to help me come May .


You’ll need a trim bowl or, at the least, a CannaBrush (I love mine for the large harvests).


Glad you got it sorted @Took1-4theteam
And wow those colas you got look fantastic
And you got a canatrol lucky you
Congratulations on your harvest
Cheers :beers: :clap: :v:


I was thinking about something like that . But I also wondered if it may knock allot of the trichomes off ?


Everything has now been flipped to flower :+1:


It does a little but I feel it’s negligible. I don’t use it to do a beauty trim, just to knock off most of it. I trim as I use and all the peeps I give buds to can do it themselves LOL…

I know a lot of peeps that use a bowl trimmer but they do a wet trim. Pretty impressed with what I’ve seen them do too


Oh, actually, I totally forgot - I use a trim bag now. It can knock of some trichomes but I had POUNDS to trim the last 2 years and it was a life saver. I just collected all the kief from the bottom of the bag… you can just add it back into a bowl :wink:



I don’t even smoke any more . I took a hit yesterday and was instant panic attack :joy: I just want my people to have the best they can get their hands on .

Speaking about trim bag . Dude at the hydro shop said he did something using a shoebox that came out perfect . But he hang drys . I don’t know . I still have a couple months to think about it . I might just find a young cutie that smokes to come be my trimjail celly for a week or so :joy: all she can smoke , eat , a little playbreak and massage here n there ,then send her home with a nice little variety care package :cowboy_hat_face::joy:


I hang dry too.


I’m not going to have much of a choice with all this . Hang dry and lots of cycles through cannatrol


This looks interesting this trim bag @Caligurl
Ill have to go google
Cheers :v: :clinking_glasses:
Pounds wow for me that will be the day
Amazing :clap: :star_struck:


LOL… it was a bit much jajajaja


It’s the official 2 week from flip update . Spent the whole freaking weekend defoiling , twisting , bending , tying and scrogging just trying to maintain a somewhat uniform canopy. It’s a pain in the tail trying to arrange stretching plants so they are all under the light without covering and over crowding other bud sites . But so far we are doing fairly well . :+1:

Added a little nitrogen boost to the sativa’s that was lacking in color and happiness at flip and not only are they coming back but they’re packing pretty good .

But what caught my eye is these terpgasm. Couple of the phenos already showing wacky color to em .

Dude my whole place is already smelling pretty tasty :yum:. Cone late April going to be a paradise for the nose .

Got the extensions and mounted the drivers on outside of room so it’s time to start cranking these bad boys up and blast these gals . :muscle:


Gorgeous man, excellent execution. :star_struck:


Just over 3 weeks from day of flip . Room 1

Room 2

Couple of the better looking strains that caught my eye off quick glance is again that 1 terpgasm pheno is sick !

And sugar leaves of the hindsight and snow g starting to frost .

Then the gelato 41 in the 5x5 is I think around 5 weeks and full of color, just hope to see them start packing on weight from here on out .

Cranked the lights on full power in room 1 with 1400 ppm of CO2 .

Just cranked 8 of the extra 15 percent of boost mode on the ROI’s in room 2 . Next week will finish cranking it the rest the way up .


Wow you got it going on what an update @Took1-4theteam
Some of them shots look more like a Forrest
Congratulations :beers: :clap: :v:
Cheers :beers:


Thanks . If only I can keep these cool temperatures going for one more month so I don’t have to finance another couple a/c units I’ll be happy . ( Think the defoil helped with humidity allot and less heat from less use of dehumidifier ) Think I’m going to skip out on the UV lights till next go around to. Far from a great yeilding grow but I should have at least a few real top of the line fire phenos in all these . Still could of done allot better and will make up for all the scrambling and do things a bit different on next one .


:cowboy_hat_face: 4 week checkup . We are halfway there and looking good . But my fav is the terpgasm . Just something nice .

Here’s a hindsight in sane room

Gelato in the 5x5 has another couple to few weeks left . Hopefully they fatten up .

Then heres the other room with the Bahama Berry, kings juice , lung buster , sparkleface etc

I almost forgot the lemon haze og and the orange juice ogs .

4 more weeks till hell week of trim jail :joy:


Wow they all got the sparkles going on
Every picture looks amazing
Forrests of colas
Congratulations @Took1-4theteam
Thanks for sharing them and there progress
Cheers :beers: :clap: :v:

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Well done. Damn they all look killer.