Purple urkle start to finish

4 weeks until harvest tomorrow she is 34 days in flower today, all pictures are 1-2 weeks apart, open to any opinions feel free to share she’s to big to get the whole plant in a picture lol and I’m far from a beginner lol just noticed it was in the beginner category


Update pictures

She is moving along she has 3 weeks and 3 days left and hopefully ready for harvest I marked her 3 days after 9 week mark.
She should be finished at 66 days in flower

These pictures were 3-5 days ago

These pictures were taken this morning

All pictures are different bud spots on the plant


Just an update she is day 50 in flower today ( 7 weeks and 1 day) these pictures were taken last night and the day before

Not 1 of these pictures is the same flower

Any opinions would be great


… that beautiful man!
how many times did you top it?

12 I think maybe 14 times and she’s 5’9" tall, 2’ wide by 3 1/4’ wide the other direction and most pictures were in the middle of the plant.

There are some top colas uploaded in there, I need new pictures from above if I can

LOL that’s more like a hedge! how long did you veg her?

I vegged her for 2 1/2 months (60 days)
She started in a red solo cup then to small black pot, than to a medium black pot, then she went to a 5 gallon bucket and root bound through every pot i put her in, and now she’s in a 20 gallon probably will be root bound as well


Nice girl @Majiktoker she looks good. How long did you veg for?

The post right above the one you just posted explains buddy it says how long she was vegged for, very first sentence

Had to cut early my other one was burning she was cut 9 days early, mostly cloudy what’s not cloudy is Amber and she yielded off an outstanding 11 oz’s way weight so ill probably ends with 8-9 oz’s