Purple haze disaster


First I would like to say I am a huge fan and have been a very happy customer for over a year. I have purchased golden leaf and white widow with amazing success thanks to the genetics and help that your company offers. With that said, I recently purchased 10 purple haze and have had a zero percent germination rate with 8. I followed the germination guide that was given through the email. I found this really hard to believe given I have had close to 100% success rate with the other brands, again following the guide provided after purchase. Did not change anything because I thought I had a good thing going.

Advise, help, refunds, replacements? Please let me know if you can be any help?

There is a chance something in your environment is different than when you germinated the other strains, white widow and golden leaf, respectively.

Germination can be tricky as you need both – the seeds to stay very moist constantly, and yet the seed and its soon to be roots need lots of oxygen(aeration). Keep this in mind when germinating, too warm of conditions lowers the rate of dissolved oxygen in water and can lead to a young seed suffocating and rotting from anaerobic bacteria before it gets a chance to start – and conditions too cold could inhibit the chemical reactions needed to jump start the seed’s biological processes. If you use the glass of water method, carefully change the water with freshly aerated water often to insure the seeds have access to lots of oxygen. A lot of us really like to transfer them to a peat or coco coir plug as soon as we can see a crack and white tip poking out of the seed, follow the directions that came with your jiffy peat plugs or other plugs and you should have a healthy seedling popping out the top of the plug in no-time.

There is also chance the seeds experienced some harsh conditions during the postal travel around the globe to your neck of the woods. If they sat in a hot truck somewhere, it could’ve killed them. You never know, and we do have the warranty. If you have already contacted us through the same channels you purchased your seeds, you should get a response eventually, they do get real busy. In the mean time I will send this up the chain to further bring it to their attention. We’ll make sure you have some healthy growing purple haze bushes soon.

Hi, JeffreyND,

Go ahead and mail us your order number and we will replace the non germinated seeds ASAP!



Hey North Dakota, Arizona here.
You can take that Claire’s word for things, I also had a problem with some beans and I could even feel the smile from her when she helped me out.

Thank you for all the input and quick responses, what a wonderful company and support system. My order for ten purple haze #13048 of which 8 have failed to germinate (really counting on the last two).

Please let me know if there is anything else I need to do or information you need to finish this replacement request.

Thanks again to all those that responded. You have a customer for life!

hey Jeff, thank you for asking


Sending another message out on the purple haze order # 13048. 10 purple haze order of which only one ended up sprouting. Please let me know if I can do or send anything else to get this resolved. Thank you for your time.


I had the same problem with my purple haze. They were shipped in the same package with the gold leaf and og kush, they were treated the same why when soaking them in water, they all had the same environment but only one purple haze germinated after 9 days. The immature leaves are yellow with brown spots and are deformed. The og kush and gold leaf popped in three days and are growing well. I think it might be the seeds. Did you have any luck? J