Purple Haze almost done


Beautiful plant! Possible BOM candidate for sure!


If that’s ILGM stock, I’d definitely be submitting a BOM entry! Beautiful buds!


Thank you very much! It is ILGM stock. This is actually my 1st grow ever. Doung purple punch and purple haze.


@TheBadHaggis those are some very nice looking buds. How soon to harvest?

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Being my 1st grow, I’m not 100% sure lol. I’m just checking tricombs every other day. Sugar leaves have some amber, buds hardly any

What are they looking like? I like mine too be cloudy with maybe a little amber. @TheBadHaggis. Most growers seem to like theirs with up to 20% amber. I don’t usually go quite that far

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@TheBadHaggis looks like I can see a little amber, I would say you are close. Maybe one of our moderator will give you a better idea of when

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Had the wrong pic, the 1st one was the purple punch. That one I want a decent amount of amber.

@TheBadHaggis I think anything over 2o%, is too much for me. But it don’t look like you are there yet. By the way, great job :clap:

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@RPgrower I agree. My wife wants her purple punch to be knock out weed so I’ll go 20%+ on those plants. This purple haze I’m looking for a fun buzz, was thinking around 10%

Thank you very much @RPgrower

@TheBadHaggis welcome, that would be correct for both in my opinion :wink:

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It’s got some better tricomb pics at the end if interested

@TheBadHaggis I have 3 different strains going right now, all from ilgm, sour diesel, super silver haze, and Godfather og.




Very Nice! I can’t wait to try other strains. If you could pic top 2 what would they be? I still have a lot of purple punch and haze seeds but now I’ve got the itch to get something different :rofl:

That is a big fat beautiful bud on the top pic @RPgrower

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