Pulling the trigger on QB'S?

Ready to order a 260xl for my 2x4x5 tent. Unsure if the xl or w would be the best for my tent. Also the K rating ie: 3000 or 3500, 4000. Last but not least is their any advantage to order from HLG or Growers lights??? Warentee?, service? Etc.thanks. will be using for full grow, two girls, maybe scrog. @dbrn32


You definitely want the xl kit for a 2x4. Get 3000k or 3500k if you plan on flowering under it. Growers lights is an authorized reseller, so shouldn’t be a big difference ordering from one or the other. There may be a little longer warranty period if you have them assemble and test it, but you’d have to check with them to verify.


Is warentee important? How reliable is the technology. How long can I expect it to last? Growers shows a 1 yr warentee.

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They’re pretty good. The leds themselves rated for 50,000 hours. As long as thermal path is kept reasonable and drive current within specs you shouldn’t have any problems.

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It is quality control more than warranty that concerns me with online purchases, especially from Chinese mfgrs. All online purchases are a somewhat of a gamble, the individual risk factors certainly elevate for certain items. I decided to trust that a 30 day trial (i.e. Amazon return policy) will expose most qc and suitability problems. After that, one is at the mercy of the supplier or whoever covers any advertised warranty.

I buy everything from Amazon because of the great service I’ve had with returns over many years. Worst case is I end up with a light that is useless for xxx dollars…so how much do I want to gamble? I can grow outdoors from mid-Jun thru mid-Oct so I don’t need much, but I do want some female company indoors for the rest of the year.

I am looking at a GrowMol GM6000 dimmable unit on Amazon that cost $159 . The weight given is over 9lbs so it would seem to have solid components. There are only 8 reviews on Amazon but all are 5star, fwiw. I found a youtube clip of a slightly different unit being unpacked, and I saw it recommended on some top 10list… I’ll keep an eye on this and other options for a couple months before I place my bet. I will run my income taxes next month and see how much of a refund I’ll get and can take a chance on.

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I will build it, it is simple as it could be in the kit form.

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One more question please. The dimmer… I assume it is in the driver case and accessible thru a small hole (pain in the arse) can a dimmer be added that can be mounted for more easier access???

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If you get driver that ends in “a” it will have built in dimmer. Not a complete pain, but really depends on where you mount driver. If you get a driver that ends in “b” it will have remote dimming leads, and you can wire in 100k pots.

Check with whoever you’re ordering kit from. Some come with a driver and some come with b.

I assumed to mount on top of heatsinc. Thus the pain to adjust. So I want an" A" Driver with opt 100K POT. 3000/3500K

THANKS SO MUCH! You guys are awesome.

A doesnt need a pot, only the B

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Got it, my twisted got tongued.


i ordered from GrowersLights,
they did great… awesome support and packaging.!

u can get some wire and put the driver outside the tent,
everything else is in the kit, just need longer wires.!


Ya the location won’t let me do that. I’ll just live with it and adjust at the driver.

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@boardsbird correct? It’s one way or the other. If you want to mount dimmer anywhere others than where it comes on the “a” driver, then you need a “b” driver.

If you have to get a model, it’s not that big of deal. Just leave the rubber plug out and keep a pocket Phillips screwdriver handy.

Well I went and ordered the hlg 260 xl from growers. Next??? LOL

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No, I’ll build it. Seems simple enough.

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Next thing is a decent PH meter. Suggustions welcome sub 50. Bucks.

The aspera or a bluelab on sale@amazon
Just got a hanna from the package store for $17.50

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