Pua Mana Ohana Seed Bank

Anyone hear of or had business with Pua Mana Ohana seed bank?
Just curious as to it legitimacy .


I haven’t, but a quick gander at their site looks reasonably legit and the strains sound interesting.


Checked out the website definitely looks like they have some interesting strains but it also looks like they’re out of stock on most everything


Thanks…I was mesmerized by the strains that they are saying they have…
But…I did some web surfing :computer: :surfing_man: and read reviews from some pretty prominent seed/weed sites and there’s a story on both sides…Reputable and non reputable…results.
Just wondered if anyone here knew or heard more?



Here is a quote about our Maui Mango Diesel purchased, cultivated & reviewed by the owner of I Love Growing Marijuana:

“Maui Mango Diesel one of the best strains to come out of Hawaii’s shores. It induces a cerebral-focused, uplifting Sativa high that energizes users. On top of that, it promotes focus and productivity. For this reason, it makes for the perfect wake-and-bake strain for daytime users…” ILGM

Mahalo (Thanks) for the righteous review!!

TJ’s Organic Gardens – winner of High Times Cannabis Cup Best Tasting Bud on Earth – also Grows our Maui Mango Diesel & recently released live resin carts with Willie Nelson’s Cannabis Company: Willie’s Reserve…

If you are being led astray by negative reviews online consider the source of these fake news reviews: competitors WHO do not know or Grow Hawaiian Pakalōlō…

Mahalo nui loa (Thank you very much)

Akua Ho’omaika’i
Pua Mana 'Ohana

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