Pruning Question Massachusetts Outdoors

Hello, I’m growing outdoors in Massachusetts I’m trying to focus on preventive measures. I have a lower branch that’s almost touching the ground it’s at the first node off the trunk and it’s about 1/4 inch think and about 24 inches long is it to late in the season to cut the branch off?

Also I’m wondering when I should stop removing fan leaves and cutting any smaller branches in the middle that’ll do more harm than good. Any advice on these 2 question would be great. It looks like I’m getting very close to pre flower. I don’t wanna cause to much stress so a professional opinion would be great… Thanks in advance…


As you are almost or in preflower as am I. The only leaves I remove are some of the inner ones that shade bud sites. From my own personal experience can never be sure which branches or bud sites will explode during flower when the plants will nearly double in size. Even small buds smoke well and always have plenty of big colas.

had severe storm damage today. cherry kush plant was 5ft and split in half. tied up to try to mend and heal damage. how long and will it mend? is it better to keep plants shorter to avoid damage?

I pull fan leaves almost the entire grow… every 3 days I pluck them off…

Also in Massachusetts… and always have seen bugs, powdery mildew, and bud rot over the years… pulling leaves promotes air flow and helps in the end when trimming…

When drying I pull 100% fan leaves while plants are outside, humidity is a bitch in our area.

Good luck, happy gardening


One of my main questions was is it to late to remove the lowest branch that stems from the trunk? Will that cause to much stress at this point? It desided to grow towards the ground which causes it to stay wet and possibly attract bugs. If I’m not to late in the season I’d like to remove it but not sure if that’ll cause stress as the trunk heals? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks for all the above advice. Preventive maintenance is important.

If it’s always wet it should be soft enough to tie up til it grows and stiffens in the direction you choose. You can gently anchor it to something to encourage it’s growth in another direction

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Thank you I was thinking about doing something like holding it up and seeing how that goes. Thank you!!!

It’s good to keep em short if you can but you want something that braces them once the buds start putting on weight. They usually handle well when it comes to wind till they get heavy with bud. When you put it back together be very careful that you put it back exactly how it broke so it mends zip ties work great. I’ve never had one break at this point so I don’t know how long it takes to heal. You’ll be surprised how well they bounce back. Just know it will. I’ve had one break during bud and it ended up having the best buds. It’s a very resilient plant. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask. Happy Growing!!!

It’s usually the moths that cause bud rot. Other than weather. Those worms will give you nightmares. I well timed spray of BT will teach them a lesson. They lay eggs on the leaves of the bud so as the bud grows there born in the middle of the bud. Look for worm poop they usually go for the tops and work there way down if you wanna look for eggs there under the sugar leaves or very close to a node in my experience. Tweezers work great but nothing beats BT I was concerned about sprays but if you research it you’ll find out it’s very safe just make sure you stop spraying 2 weeks before harvest to be on the safe side. You may already know this but I figured I’d give you a tip that’s helped me. Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.

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thanks so much. one more question. my neighbor keeps a light on in her yard. I need some ideas on blocking this light. any suggestions?