Pros and cons on flood and drain tables and what I am considering

Good day, hope all are healthy and happy. I am currently at the preground breaking stage of a 10’ x 30’ grow room, a 10’ x 15’ cloning/flowering room and a 10’ x 12’ drying room. In the grow room I am seriously considering flood and drain tables 2@ 4’ x 27’ on each side. I will be using 2’ x 3’ x 9" grow tubs side by side, the drain tub is 4’ x 27’ for each side. each grow tub will have it’s own pump. Lighting is 6 @ 1,000 watts w/220 ballast for each side totaling 12. Cooling supplied by a 12,000 btu portable A/C unit. I will be using coco fiber and Lucas formula. Any pros and cons on the set-up I am considering? Advise? Improving growth, output, and flowering? Coco fiber good, bad something better? I would greatly appreciate any and all advise and wisdom anyone can offer. GOOD HEALTH, GOOD GROWING and GOOD LIFE to ALL. Thank you


Ebb and Flow is a great system to use. Makes a few things easier. Sounds like you have a really nice idea going. I would advise planning on purchasig a dehumidifier also.

This seems like a post I read a couple months ago…

Thank you Latewood, something that I forgot to mention is I will have two plants per 2’ x 3’ x 9" tub totaling 64 plants in a 10 x 30 grow room. What’s your opinion not enough plants? Think I should add more plants per tub? One final question I am planning to do this legally meaning business license, paying taxes ect. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area if you have any knowledge on Growers Lic. total plants able to grow, brokers, clubs I would very much appreciate it or anyone you could refer me to in the area

Thank you

I think that your plan of plant count is right on. You do not want to over saturate your plants and cause environmental issues. Be happy to have such a generous space and allow your plant to breathe. You will gain more with an open airy space, then a crowded stuffy area. :slight_smile:

I have not read up on MMJ Licensing recently, but I believe Cali. allows 99 plants. Best to stay under a bit, and stifle the scrutiny you may find your self under. Do not appear “greedy”. Good Luck.

p.s. Since you are going pro; Watch for my bill in the mail; LOL!

Thank you Latewood, LOL @ BILL??? I will pay you as much as I am currently getting lol What do you think about coco fiber? Is it better then clay balls? Or do you prefer something else


Maybe rockwool. But latewood will have the answer to what is best for your grow medium. I’ve only ever seem a grow OP that big on TV lol. Goodluck stay safe and don’t tell anyone about it even if it’s legal there is alot of assholes out there!

Thank you Brendan that’s an absolute currently only me and my business partner for the last 3yrs knows the location, and we are taking every precaution, I am currently also researching security systems, wireless cameras, pin hole cameras, robotic security lights that follow movement and record and a DVR that sends info every 30 seconds to a cloud account. We are willing to spend the money for a safe, secure and clean growing operation of the highest quality product for our staff, but I am always open mind and have big ears to anyone’s advice or comments I appreciate them all. Thank you for your response to my posting and I am hoping to hear from others.
Thanks again

I think hydroton expanded clay is the best medium on the planet for hydroponics. :mrgreen: Once you invest in expanded clay you can clean and reuse it year after year. It does not break down. Look for deals in the 50liter bags and up; If you can find a supplier if larger quantities. Perhaps attempt to buy a “pallet”. that would be you 1st major price break! :smiley:

No worries mate hope it all works out well for you good ideas no such thing as being to careful!
That’s a very good point latewood! IM gonna look into clay balls myself after reading that being able to reuse them will be ideal for me, it will be a good cost saver so that will be excellent, what’s a good way of cleaning them for reuse?

Breaking off all the roots and washing with plain water with a good air drying can work most of the time. If you are worried about something unhealthy growing on them, soaking them in an H2O2 or bleach solution can work, just be sure to rinse off all the bleach, if that is what you use. You can get concentrated hydrogen peroxide from hydroponics stores or online, much stronger stuff than the drug store stuff, but that will work too in concentrated enough amounts and it doesn’t need to be rinsed away, H2O2 will totally turn into plain water and/or evaporate completely, bleach may leave some chlorine salts behind if not rinsed well.

Cheers MacGyver, I’m gonna buy some and I already have a 5 ltr bottle of 96% H2O2 now I’ll be able to use it for something, I’ll just through the clay balls in the washing machine to clean them off then soak then in a H2O2 solution easy as! Lol

Thank you Latewood, Mac and Brendan for the help and info. Mac or anyone else do you know any of the current laws for N. Cali on plant limits, growers lic.,coops and if possible refer me to an attorney in the SF Bay Area? I know that the city for our site is very supportive on Legal Cannabis grow and distribution and is also supported by the local police. Happy green, red, white and purple days to us all


Sorry, I don’t know any details for northern California, I only keep up with my own state’s laws to keep myself safe in my local area, although, I do visit southern California often.

After every grow; I rinse off all the hydroton in a big bucket. Once I have all the organic matter separated form the hydroton; I soak it in any flushing agent available on the market in order to dissolve the salts. I soak the medium for 24 hours, and rinse, rinse, rinse. Ready to use immediately.