Proper marijuana cloning techniques


I read the article on the website reference to aging marijuana clones. The writer did not, however, describe the appearance of the clones as they approached death or failed to root.

In my experience with cloning, I’ve had an 80% success rate with taking the cuttings from outdoor marijuana plants and using fluorescents during rooting. With no description of the clones during their death process, there are two potential causes:

1. Shock (i.e. taking the marijuana plants from high intensity light outside to low intensity light inside).

2. Incorrect technique.

From prior experience, I think I can venture to guess that both of these caused his 0% success rate. I’ve used the following methods with good overall success:

1. The cuttings need to have three nodes. The bottom two nodes shouldn’t have any leaves.

2. Use a readymade rooting solution made for soft tissue plants.

3. Put the cutting into the medium ensuring that the lower two nodes are beneath the soil line.

4. Maintain adequate moisture in the medium. I use a mixture of perlite and Pro-Mix.

5. Cover the cuttings with a plastic wrap or transparent dome cover to let light in.

6. Water with mist each day.

7. When a week has passed, add a diluted solution of high phosphorous nutrients. A good formula to use would be 10-50-10.

8. If the cut starts to yellow, lower the humidity.

9. If they start to wilt or lose vitality, boost the humidity (as long as there are no pathogens present).

10. If a green mold shows up, decrease the humidity and add water more often. Include 0.5% hydrogen peroxide in the water.

11. For a tray that is a foot long, use two fluorescent tubes.

This will help you produce an all-time high.





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