Prolonged absence

Sorry to everyone for my absence so far, and it will continue for at least another 4 months.
To start, my father passed away the day after Christmas so we have been dealing with the estate. In March my wife found out she is pregnant! So there went a little more of my time. In may we did an ultrasound and much to our surprise, there were twins cooking in that oven! 2 weeks later they were far enough along for the doctors to see the sex of the babies and they are identical twin girls. Excited for sure, but also a little scared and very nerve wracking.
So we are seeing our normal doctor every other week and a twins specialist on the opposite weeks from that, meaning doctor appointments every week.
Adding to all this craziness is work :slight_smile:. It is busy season right now where I live and in my industry. All of this combined has severely cut into my hobby and passion of horticulture, so I closed down the grow room until further notice. The reason wasn’t just time related, but also because I won’t risk loosing my unborn children. Once they are born and traffic at home decreases I I’ll be resuming operations, or once I finish my new shed. I really need like 40 hours a day right now :smile:
I will always check in here time to time, this is still like a second home for me.
Good luck everyone on your grows and may your buds be tight, glittery and sticky.


Congratulations buddy! Good luck with everything! We hope to see you back soon. :v:

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Sorry about your dad. I know it’s a hard loss.

My identical twin great granddaughters are a couple of months old now. They are amazing! Their mom is still a bit overwhelmed, but doing good.

I agree about the gun. :smiling_imp:


After a long absence I am back :slight_smile:
The babies are doing great, identical twin girls that were born early, but quickly catching up weight and height wise!

I am now to the point of resuming my passion, growing beautiful plants. Only difference this time is that I moved the grow area to my 40x40’ garage after fully weatherproofing it and installing a subpanel for electrical. Excited to begin again!

First grow will be goldleaf in Coco again. I have had amazing results in the past with it and can’t say enough good things about the goldleaf strain.


Good news about the twins! Congrats!!!

welcome back @JTheH and congrats on the twins. They are a blessing for sure!