Progres on auto

This is progress on my auto purple i see the part under hairs turning purple and im on day 25 how does it look ?
Does it look healthy?


Looking good… outside grow?? I only say that as they seem a little stretched not that its a major issue :slight_smile:

Outside day time inside at night…can stretching cause any problems?

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Not issues as such… I’m an indoor grower so always aim for small stocky plants so I can keep the lights right on top of them :slight_smile: just make sure they are not up against a wall outside so have light all round… autos outside should give you some nice weight at the end will look forward to seeing updates on them

Will keep updated cuz u guys are guiding me through i think its time to start my nutes

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yeah they are big enough now can always go half strength for a few days just til they get used to them

Looks very healthy

what lights are you using inside?