Programs for grow journals

setting up a new laptop and want to be able to keep a grow log… anyone have an idea on what to use. Something I can add a pic to while logging ph ppm nutes and notes…

I use word pad, on most if not every windows computer. You can type what ya want and it allows pictures to be inserted.

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I use MS Excel for recording and tracking grow data and parameters.

Any computer spreadsheet program will work fine. There are many simpler programs that one might use if all they wanted to do was record water/feeding data along with plant observations.


This forum is a perfect platform for that.

Log it all and upload pics on here! Then you will have the added benefit of a lot more eyes to catch anything off of suspicious.

I prefer to have it where I can work on it off line and then copy and paste text to my grow journal. I have tried to do it here as I go but my stoner brain needs extra time to work sometimes.

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I use Botana… it’s an app for Android/IOS

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Check out this website… I really like the way things are laid out.

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