Product testing, thin layer chromatography

Anyone get testing done? Who do you use? What documents come with the results? Cannalytics has home kits, I read all of their data, bought a kit. Then the fun began. I ran tests with their stuff and got the results I should have seen. Since I am a science nerd I acquired laboratory grade chemicals to replace theirs. Then I bought 50 thin layer chromatography plates on eBay. Now I can run tests on mine whenever I feel the urge. Cost is very low when you buy bigger amounts of the materials. Only takes a 10th of a gram to run the test. Unfortunately you cannot detect contaminants, that involves chemicals you’re not going to get.Processing: 20190618_114956.jpg…


So basically, product gets decarboxalated, ground a bit, and into some ether. Then A precise amount is placed on a chromotography plate. After drying for a few minutes it goes with one end down in a closed Mason jar with a little ether in it. After about 5 minutes the either will wick its way up to the top leaving a track that has all of our information on it. Out of the jar and dry and the marks appear. Like reading pecker tracks, lol.

I have a kit but have not run samples yet. Any suggestions for process would be appreciated. Thanks

Awesome :ok_hand:. Follow directions to exacting standards. Flammable chemicals can ruin your day! Everything clean as hell. No sparks allowed. Precise measurements. It worked fine for me, but as a side gig I needed laboratory grade chemicals in bigger amounts. Same process though. I am scrapbooking all tests as a reference guide by strain. People are amazed by simple science! R

Thats awesome I was going to look into something like this… How strong is your stuff?! :smile:

The red dot at the top of the track is your THC indicator blob. The bigger and darker reddit is the more juice you’ve got. the canalitics site has a very good pictorial with various strains tested for comparison. the more runs you do the better you get it knowing what it’s going to be from the THC dot… The trickier part is interpreting the bottom track which contains your turpene’s flavonoids all that other stuff. A. After you’ve done a lot of runs you’ll start to understand a little more about what that means in relation to the taste of the weed. Hope this helps .I am here for anything I can answer. My product runs 18-20%, autoflower indoors, all organic. R