Problem with my Blueberry Auto, please help!

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

"Bought Blueberry Auto seeds in May of this year. Had some problems and am asking what to do next?

Problem 1.
From one pack of 10 seeds, 2 were germinated and planted with leaves showing in a couple days. Planted May 29. Today these two plants are 5" and 6 1/2" tall with few buds. See photos.

Problem 2.
From the other pack of 10 seeds, two were germinated and planted. Both showed leaves in a couple days. One of the leaves disappeared in a couple days! Germinated another seed and planted it and no leaves. Germinated a fourth seed and planted it also without growth. After second failure, replaced potting soil in pot. Will be planting another soon.

First successful plant grew to about 18-24" and was picked and started processing today. 4 Aug. '17 60% of hairs were brown and resin was milky. Put into glass bowl covered by aluminum foil in refrigerator set on “1” (highest temp setting). (It has been 40-43 deg C lately!)

  1. Strain - Blueberry Auto Flower 2 bags of 10 seeds ea ( two for price of one)
  2. Soil in pots - Standard potting soil, pots bottom cut out so potting soil is contained in pot but lies on the ground if plant wants to grow deeper!
  3. PH of run-off - No idea
  4. Nutrient strength - No idea
  5. indoor or out door - outdoor
  6. light system - Sun and moon
  7. temp - 18C to 32-37C
  8. Humidity - ~40%
  9. Ventilation - natural
  10. AC - no
  11. CO2 - no

I’m preparing to plant 4 more seeds but want your input first. I was surprised with the total failure of 3 seeds and small size of two? Thank you for your time and valued input."

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If you are in the northern hemisphere there is not enough light right now to start a new grow outside. Your plant will start flowering as soon as it sprouts


Thanks @ILGM.Becky ,

Dear customer,

First, we will need to know what’s your germination method… I have 100 % germination success with ILGM seeds…

Second, my first call is genetic , dwarfism for the small plants , it can also come from environnementale origin…

Third, cannabis plant are capricious when come to pH, so, knowledge is key here, it’s the number one suspect on almost every case… pH is part of the numburous environnemental factor…

Fourth, temps are high and nutrients are a must, if you don’t give them a “hot soil” that’s suitable for their needs…

If you have further questions, just “tag” someone by put an @ before anyone names, someone is gone a respond promply…

~Al :v: :innocent:


Auto flowering plants generally start flowering within 30 days of veg. Yours are just flowering and I think you indicated it has been 3 months… I also see a drip irrigation emitter. If you are in municipal water the chloramin and high pH of the water are probably making them sick.

I think before you waste money you need to get a better understanding of some of the basic growing methods that will help you tremendously.

Consider purchasing a pH meter and pH up and down and hand water your plants among other things.

Download and read the grow bible

Join the forums and do some reading. There are thousands of successful grows on here you can compare with!

I am also 100% on germination of ilgm seeds!

Best wishes and hope you get it sorted out!