Probably wasted more money

@Mosca, Last year I did an online grammar refresher course, and it ended up being good and bad. It definitely helped me write better. But now when I see someone post something with very bad or no punctuation, it drives me nuts!

Its something we were taught, therefore the youngsters should know punctuation also. Seems to be an age thing. Maybe?

Retired scientist here. I work with a person that has a patented device that reduces raw plant material to a powder form. I saw the results from the grow tests by a local University and it was amazing.


I don’t be meanin to makes you mad. juz kiddin wicha. :wink:

Could you please post a link to the studies or name of the university?

@Gooch99, And here I was afraid someone would get me for misusing commas.

We see all kinds of grammar here given such a wide variety of backgrounds. We manage to communicate effectively with one-another here.


Yall communicate to well, been here since late july, each month passes, i see more first time BOM entries with top 5 potentials as time passes. Not too mention all the first time harvests. Mine is in progress.

High Times was my playboy in the late 70s. My bud porn, this place has enough subjects to ogle on.


@MidwestGuy, did not intend to put anyone down! My comments were meant solely about myself.
I do find this forum a very good place to improve my writing skills. At least I don’t get as many replies questioning what I mean nowadays. Little steps.


Oh my. It’s not what I was implying and sorry if you took it this way.

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It was a commissioned private study. I may have pictures in an old email. They had a product sold locally but could not compete with the big box stores.

I can’t say much more because my handshake is as loyal as a signed document but I am allowed to send samples. Hit me up on IG if you have an account there.

No problem, it’s all good.

You didn’t. you made me laugh. My mother was an English teacher. She also proofread scientific papers for grammar and continuity. She would proofread my homework. You bring back fond memories.

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I remember this from “flowers for Algernon”

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That’s a new one on me. I may need to study this a bit!
You know it is funny, with all of today’s digital communications good grammar is more important than ever. But a lot of our schools are failing at this more than ever.

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We saw the movie in high school. I think the name of the book was, “Charley”. Charley was mentally retarded. He was put on an experimental drug that had exceeded expectations, He became a genius and then… that’s all I’ll say.
We got way off topic. Sorry. We should move this frayed piece of thread to the member’s lounge.

When you run out of lime a good substitution is wood ash. It has about the exact amount of buffering power as the lime. Gram for gram. It is also all ready pulverized. Bonus if you get a few clinkers of char along w it.

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@Gooch99, it seems like every tread that I start or reply to swerves out of it’s lane. I am beginning to think it is me, and my lack of ability to focus. I am still trying to figure out what causes this?


my grammar is so poor I have trouble reading my own comments. i still dont know if cannabis has leafs or leaves

As long as you know the difference between “Let’s eat, Grandma” and “Let’s eat Grandma”! :rofl: :crazy_face: :cut_of_meat: