Pro mix BX please give me experienced input

Got some promix bx want to keep some mother plants in and I just want to do a soil grow. I have the fox farms dirty dozen plus a couple extras kelp me kelp you is one. I have been doing hydro for a minute now and soil has got foreign

The ProMix is a peat based product and not a “soil” based product. They appear similar but are not.

Soil has nutrients in it that get you through part or all of your grow before need to feed. Fox Farm Happy Frog and Ocean Forest are two such products.

Peat and coco based products don’t have nutrients in them so you need to start feeding shortly after first real set of leaves form. Good thing you are all prepared…

Since you are using the dirty dozen I suggest that you follow the feeding chart fairly closely. If you mix the fox farms “trio” together in the recommended ratios, (Big Bloom, Grow Big, and Tiger Bloom), you will find the EC or ppm to be in the range shown at the top in the light blue section of the chart. When the Solubles (open Sesame, Beastie Bloomz, and Cha Ching) at the bottom of the chart get added during flower the EC at the top will reflect that. The EC at the top DOES NOT take into account the Bush Doctors products in the orange section of the chart so I suggest using the Bush Doctor products and cal-mag, if used, on alternate days otherwise it will blow up the ppm. Alternately you can mix all the stuff together and dilute your mixture down until you reach your target ppm.

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You recommend adding perlite? @CMichGrower

Like @CMichGrower said Promix BX is peat based (75-85%) and considered soilless. I treat promix like soil, ph 6.5, water till runoff, never had any issues. No nutrients so you’ll have to supplement accordingly. Id just use it as is, already has lots of perlite. If you feel it’s not enough it won’t hurt to add some in.

Promix BX is technically “soilless”. I found growing organic in Promix is great, except Promix’s normal pH swing can be a bit nerve-wracking if you’re not aware of it. Not sure how that pH will swing with Fox Farms.

Absolutely add perlite, 30-40%.

Glad I asked bout perlite add

So it doesn’t retain nutes? I treat it a lot like coco coir?

Yep, except you have to be more aggressive with cal-mag (and iron) when using coco

Seems like the invetween feedings would be substantially longer!?

With peat and coco you should feed with every watering and water often, as often as several times a day if using an automated irrigation system.

DO NOT treat soil like that or you will rot the roots…

I understand the over watering. I’m assuming the promix isn’t a must water daily deal!

Anyone still watching this thread? I have some ProMix BX questions about a soil mix…
I have the below items and am trying to decide what I need and what I don’t need and about any nutrients I should be adding