Premature flowering in June

I went out to check my plants (California Dream fem) and it appears they are in pre-flower mode…and it isn’t even July…how is this possible after the longest day of the year…and will they flower earlier than September??? Looking for answers from the grow guru’s… :astonished:

Pre-flowers are just that pre-flowers. It basically means the plant is mature enough to flower if all other conditions were ideal (i.e. daily light hours are short enough/nights long enough).

It won’t truly fower any earlier than normal. As I said, it just means the plant is old enough/mature enough to flower if need be. The plant will take its cues from the length of nights as normal later in the year.

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Possibility for bigger buds I hope… with all the growing time left… :sunglasses:
Thanks for the answer @MacGyverStoner

Yes bigger plant with the long veg time means bigger buds.


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To late to transplant into larger pots @MacGyverStoner ??? Now 96 days old…

Almost never too late to transplant as long as the pant is still in the vegetative growth cycle.

After all, almost no matter what you do to it now, as long as you don’t kill it, it will have plenty of time to recover before September.


Ah…news to my ears… :+1: Thanks @MacGyverStoner

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