Ppm readings new to this

I’m new to the ppm thing. I’m only watering now because of a potential nitrogen issue. Going in my ppms are 250 coming out they are 2660. Isn’t this a little high. I just watered 6.4 ph water came out 6.1. I’m using happy frog soil and fox farm trio.

That’s just the goodies already in that soil. Just adjust pH and water only until you see that number start to dip below what you’re looking for at the plants’ age.


@elheffe702 I was worried thinking I need to flush. I had some really glossy leaves and started seeing curling so I raised the 600w mh to 20”from 16. And have been scared to feed. They are really thirsty I have to water every other day. I’m thinking water feed water feed is a little much. What’s your opinion? Look at the pic above.

Water water water, only, until the runoff is at a reasonable level. Otherwise, every time you feed, it’ll go up some more. A flush probably isn’t necessary, unless you have a full on toxicity. The curling could be Nitrogen toxicity, or just thirsty plants. Can you post some pics?

Huh huh…missed it…

What size/type container is she in?

I’d go on up to 24" with your MH. Looks like some light burn in spots, maybe.


I went up yesterday and a little more today. I’m gonna move it up some more. I’m in so called Five gallon fabric pots. I think it’s more like four gallon. But I have seven gallon pots on backup. She’s 24” tall the shiny leaves are going away. I was concerned about the high ppm runoff. I’m just gonna water till things come around. Thanks for the help. :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:


Anytime, buddy! :v:

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