Ppm lvls for dwc

So I finally got a ppm meter :stuck_out_tongue: what lvl does everyone keep there ppms at in there resivours? Until this point I was just free balling the amounts of nutes I put in

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@ktreez420 can u help?



@Aquaponic_Dumme is a hydro legend…

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What nutes are you using

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GH Flora 3 part, hydro guard, super thrive, silica blast n calmag if necessary

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Does it have a feeding schedule on the bottle or a web site you can go to to download a feeding schedule

Here are the feed charts for General Hydroponics http://generalhydroponics.com/feedcharts/ Just pick the system you have and it will download a feed schedule for you. Remember to start out at half strength till you plants get use to it.


I use latewoods guide lowered a lil for the pk boost n that other stuff

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I’ll have to check that out though. I just don’t use GH products exscusivly though

@Tonyb I use GH flora nutes and this is the chart I go by. My reservoir holds 7 gals and when I mix the three base nutes to the 7 gals of water at the suggested amount my PPM’s come out somewhere in the middle of the desired range. If I was on week 7 which is week 1 of mid bloom after mixing the nutes I should be around 1150 and that’s where I want to be or a little lower. If I add things like liquid koolbloom or cal-mag expect the PPM’s to rise. If I’m using just the three base nutes I mix at the suggested amount. If I start adding cal-mag I’ll lower the amount of the base nutes so I don’t end up with a PPM to high. I’'m new to this and still learning so take that into consideration.

Soooooo is 1600 too high…?

Nowhere on that chart is there a 1600 so I’d say yes. One important thing I’ve found out is to have a real good way to measure the amount of nutes your putting in. I use a med dispenser that I used for my dog. It measures out a teaspoon perfectly so I use that to measure the nutes so that way I should have the correct balance of the nutes. I don’t know how you measure out your nutes when mixing. I want to get another that measures out a larger amount, something like this.


My GF is a pharmacy tech so she got me 2 10ml ones a five n a one

Some of them at the pharmacy seem cheap and seem to fail. I’ve probably got about 4 of them sitting around and the only one I use is the small one because it’s made to last. All the ones from the pharmacy you can pull the plunger right out of the cylinder. The one I use you can’t and when you pull it all the way out you have a perfect teaspoon full. Here’ what I’m using now.

Mine are lasting so far, numbers are wearing off a bit… But that’s it. If they break I’ll just tell her to grab me more xD dey free!

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I think the CVS ones are a bit better than the pharmacy ones you get. They plungers don’t come out of em.

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So really looking at that chart I’m not too over on the nutes based on where I am in the grow. I need to adjust some but I’m not terribly over. It says like 1000-1400 so I’m like 200 ppms over

First, what stage of growth are you in? Early veg, late veg?

I always recommend starting off at 1/4 to 1/2 of the recommended feeding. Start low and you can add more, its way better to do it like this than to have problems because you gave too much too early.

After initial feeding, which you’ll want to be below 600 when the plants young, then you can bump up the feeding measurements to give your plants more.

It’s all about learning your plant and how they like to grow, eat and drink. You want them to drink a lot, but to eat a lot as well. This is how you get the most out of your plants.

By late veg growth you want PPMs to be around 1000-1400, but don’t always let these numbers keep you in a mold, you can experiment with higher PPMs if, AND ONLY IF, your plants are responding well when you feed them.

Just remember, nutrients are always necessary when growing in hydro applications. You’ll get a base idea of how to feed from the GH feeding chart, but it comes down to you and growing your plants as best you can.

I hope this helps, and if you have any other questions you can tag me or any other hydro guys, sometimes it takes a day or two to respond, but I’ll always get back to someone if I’m tagged!



They’re pretty far in to bloom. I think I got a decent grasp now, just about modifying latewoods formula​ to account for my extras, hydroguard silica blast n what have u

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