Posting links, what to post and not post

What links can we post and not post?

I’m still fairly new here and had one of my posts dinged for posting a link to some fertilizers I had questions about. I’m not looking to make the mistake again and would like to know the rules of this as I can’t seem to find them.

Anyhow, for instance, can I post a link to my Google spreadsheet of my grow journal?


You can post it right here @RandomW201

Well I have a grow journal topic going I was going to post it in

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Amazon links are okay.
Links that include personal details isn’t recommended.
For anything else just put dot com instead and you’re fine.
Screenshots are welcomed.

I’m not sure on the Google link, it would be safer to take basics from it and post them here. We welcome grow journals all the time.


I am brand new here, I’ve figured out how to reply, but haven’t figured out how to make a new post, can anyone help me out?

@Mntmannw on the main page just select new topic. Welcome! Tag me if you have any more issues.

Tags are done by @Mntmannw
Use the at symbol,name and you have a link. I’m new, so hope that helps.

Welcome to growville grommie.