Positive Results

First of all, I thank you Robert Bergman. I was Diagnosed "End Sagr"Liver failure 2 1/2 years ago. In my quest for alternative medicine I found Robert My MELD score then at 26 and is now holding steady at 17 making a transplant not necessary.

ILGM and team Clare, MacG and Latewood. I Thank you.


TM … that is awesome! Congrats and best wishes for future good health. Just curious … do you smoke or ingest it in food or as an oil?

I typically smoke my Medicine in one of several glass bongs. I get all my Smoke gear from DandLco.Com Extremely fast delivery inside the USA. I also make Bubble Hash, Cannabutter and just this week a Glycerin Tincer. My daughter made Gummies with it. Even after De-Cannibalization I get no psychoactive affect. Although my ingredients are Top of the Line. My friend tell me otherwise. Again Thanks to Robert.
I also nibble while pruning. Check out Chef Derrick Butt on YouTube.

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THANK YOU! :heart_eyes:

One week from the good news of the Liver regeneration I was diagnosed with Cancer. I immediately increased production of Robert’s Gold Leaf to make RSO to help. I also had a life long friend battling the disease as well. Sadly he past away before having a chance to try the RSO.
I have since had the tumor killed by microwave. I m now considered Cancer Free! The RSO made with the gold leaf is absolutely amazing. I literally feel the magic and am prepared for the transplant.
Thanks to all for providing me with the knowledge to grow superior cannabis.


TM … awesome news about being cancer-free after treatment. I’m sorry you lost your friend. I’ve been cancer-free for 8 years now. I know of quite a few gals with Stage III and IV breast cancer using RSO. Wishing you continued good health.

I suffer from tinnitus badly tried all sorts to sleep at night 24hrs a day constant high pitch screech in me ear.various sleeping potions prescribed by docs all seemed to knock me out for two days.one day doc said smoke weed before bedtime tried it it works .roll up and then I’m a sleep new to forum thought I would mention this

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It’s Awesome isn’t it. Follow another post by me. The world needs to know what magic goes on inside those tricomes.

Glad things are getting better for you. I’m now growing to make RSO, they found 2 spots on my liver, but they say it looks ok from the ultra sound. I don’t have a lot of faith in doctors, so I’m going to be pro active on this just in case.

My suggestion is take 6 ounces of Roberts Gold Leaf and process it accordingly. I believe you have the recipe. Just use your head and make it outdoors. Plan for the worst like knocking something over.
I dip my glass dabber (brought by a west coast great guy (sales pitch) owner of dandlco.com.) with a 1/8" ball twice a day. I can literally feel it over the entire body. I would guess it is at least 2 months supply.

Hey TM Are you smoking the oil or ingesting it?

Funny you calling me TM. Only one other calls me that. That’s cool. Means your a friend. I ingest my RSO by dipping a dabber purchased by a good friend of mine on the opposite coast of the USA owner of http://dandlco.com/ “Plug in Complete” .
I take 2-3 doses per day. It does nothing Euphoric but I defiantly feel it. Tastes less and less like pine pitch. Very similar so to speak.

I also got “The Call” as “Stand bye” for donor liver. Eat or drink nothing and step on a scale. For 2.5 hours I waited to be told they found the candidate and false alarm. Two words. HOLY !@#$.

I’d like to know more please
I am lady if 54 going through menopause
Anxious all my life very nervous over think everything but not get things done
I been insomniac for most my life
I am a non smoker
And although I worry myself to death
I don’t really want to add the worry of what smoking does to my list of worries
I am a hypochondriac
It’s awful
Anyway doctor tries to put me in anti depressants
I wobtctake them
I struggle
So much
How can I take canna is to help me in these areas of my life without smoking with tobacco
Really appreciate help
I’m going to order seeds today

Hello Elizabetha, In my experience Roberts Blueberry has the most soothing and “paranoia” free properties. I grew his Blueberry Auto’s and found it very nice. I would love to grow it in it’s parents photoperiod seeds. As for me, chronic pain is my issue which lead to Liver Failure and now cancer from thousands of painkillers washed down with alchohol for two decades. Now feeling ill I have been smoking his White Widow due to it’s ease on the lungs and it’s uplifting properties. Sleep is next to impossible also. Now the only time I do smoke is dinner to bed time

I have never mixed my cannabis with tobacco (the only reason I thing one would is public smoking).

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I have been making my own RSO ( Rick Simpson oil) I started in December 15. I stopped 2 weeks ago. My liver is the reason for me taking it. I have 2 " course patches" on my liver the enzymes were very high. Got my test back, liver is a bit smaller, no more liver enzymes in test :sunglasses: My A1C was 5.7 last year it was 7.2 so it really help my diabetes. ALL the test came back negative. I’m a happy old guy now, 65 this year. If you goggle RICK SIMPSON OIL, you can find out how to make, or watch you tube… Good luck. That stuff does work just follow his advice on it.
Ps. http://phoenixtears.ca/ Is ricks site.:sunglasses::+1::deciduous_tree:
TM is right on the blueberry strain. I love it.


So sorry Bud (pun intended). Another liver tumor popped out of no where now surrounded an artery. In five hours a donor is expected to die. Right now my odds of living is 50%.

Just when I had the perfect harvest nailed down.

Last advice: Nurture your plants and they will reward ten fold.

Over and prey for me, out.

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Donor organ too small for me. Back to waiting.

Been keeping you in my prayers, TM. How long have you been taking the RSO? Rick says 3 months plus maintenance dose every month. Also try the apple seeds every day too.
Tom :deciduous_tree::+1::latin_cross:

They took off the list when on top until biopsy results. Double jeopardy. My health has caused a whole generation of Bubbalicious an incredible medical strain to loose all clones.

Sorry to hear that about the list. It I lived closer I would come help ya.
Tom. Still in my prayers