Portable Dab Rig

Whats a decent portable dab rig thats covert? Ive tried the el cheapo yocan brand bs and its just not getting it…


This works great for me.


Pax you can use wax, but it is a little different than the typical dab rig. Works well.


You can try to learn about this [Lookah Dragon Egg E-Rig The LOOKAH Dragon Egg is a dab e-rig, with a unique design, portable size, stylish appearance, powerful functions, easy cleaning, and suitable price, making it stand out from other electric dab rigs. Or you can learn about various types here Such [Portable Electric Dab Rigs](


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I think also eBay links are cool here. I’ll send a lot of links from eBay. I’m like eBay’s b**** been there for almost two decades now awesome place

I have an Egg and love it! Works great with dabs and the batteries last well on a full charge. Going to get a second one just to have spare!

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I have the egg, python, sardine (hot knife), and seahorse… i enjoy them all… even have a yocan evolve plus that works well when you use ceramic coils. But i gotta show some of my most love for my most recent rig… got this as an early bday present


Yes, I recommend buying from Lookah’s own website. Other smokeshops or wholesalers may not be able to provide you with after-sales service.

Seahorse is indeed selling very well, and many of my friends have bought it. Lookah products are still good.

Gotta say, portable rigs are a game-changer for on-the-go tokers like us!

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