Pond scum in water

I have a hydro drip feed growbox that I have used successfully twice with heat being the only problem. By the way, the heat problem was due to vents that were crushed closed when the box was shipped. I am now in the 3rd week of a new grow, water changed 3 times, and have fuzzy looking scum in the water, it looks grey in the water, green if I grab a sample. The plants themselves look fine but this stuff seems to be growing faster by the minute. To be clear, after the last grow I made certain to clean the reservoir, tubing, etc with a water / bleach solution to avoid any such problems.

Note that the PH has stayed solid 6.00 to 6.14 for the entire 3 weeks of this grow.

Any ideas as to what this stuff is? Any ideas on how to control or rid myself of this stuff?

Thanks in advance.

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Ph seems a tad high, I think you want to target 5.8. And most of the time algae in res is caused by high temp, light getting to the water, or something you added to the res. Possibly any combination of all of them.